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Oak Harbor Residences Overview

Property Developer: DMCI
Project Location: Manila Bay, Paranaque City
Turnover Date: June 2020
Unit Sizes: 72.5 sqm. to 225 sqm
Price Range: Php 9.6M to Php 31M

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Oak Harbor Residences Philippines

Oak Harbor Residences By DMCI

Imagine this - You wake up one morning, hearing the gentle sound of the breeze and the crashing waves. There are birds singing outside your window, the sun is up and the sky is blue. It’s a beautiful feeling to experience these little wonders daily, and with Oak Harbor Residences, it is possible to have this every day.

Experience the thrill and excitement living near the bay at the Oak Harbor Residences by DMCI Homes

The Oak Harbor Residences is located overlooking the serene Manila Bay. It is the newest among DMCI Homes’ high-end condominium projects in the metropolis. This residential development is by far the most sophisticated and the most modern in the industry.

The project is composed of upscale high-rise twin towers fronting the coast off the magnificent bay where the famous Manila sunset is happening every day. The site is primarily located along Lincoln Ave., Brgy. Don Galo in Parañaque City. Have your own resort inspired home within a truly resort-like environment as you will be mesmerized by the enchanting view of the world-famous bay while living in a world-class abode and a certified DMCI Homes’ signature sanctuary.

The Oak Harbor Residences is truly amazing! Aside from being designed and built by the best builder that is DMCI Homes, this project features green living and diversified world-class amenities and facilities that are user-friendly and nature inspired. The buildings are designed primarily to enhance the gift of nature such as sunlight and pure air (the proprietary Lumiventt Technology). The location is one of the most sought-after in the metro and also one of the most secured places being managed by the company’s efficient management system. Live comfortably while you are near to all of life’s basic necessities, the Oak Harbor Residences is thus far the best alternative there is!

Oak Harbor Residences: Home-Sweet-Home by the Bay

Oak Harbor Residences is the product of distinct and modern architecture and a well-studied engineering design to give you the best residential place overlooking the famous Manila Bay. The strategic location of Oak Harbor allows you to witness Sunrise from the East and a constant Sunset view every afternoon. Oakwood is another brilliant project from the team of seasoned engineers and architects at DMCI, the country’s leading builder & developer. There is no other standing residential project, past or current that is located near any bodies of water, Oak Harbor is a unique vertical residential place to salvage you and your family from the suffocating ground pollution. This is the first ever luxury project of DMCI.

Oak Harbor stands in a spanning 11,871 square meter prime lot, along Jackson Avenue in Paranaque’s famous Asiaworld City. This is one of the finest and most modern projects of DMCI, in fact, the only residential tower project that is directly overlooking the beautiful Manila Bay. Oak Harbor is a 3-building set, high rise residential condominiums. It is completely built like any first class resort with its hilarious by-the-bay location and first class amenities. The first building is called Lauderdale Tower, then the Westport Tower and the third one is the Aston Tower. There are about 426 available residential units with a total of 518 parking slots for Lauderdale and Westport. The smallest unit has 2 bedrooms and the biggest has 3 bedrooms. Floor area may range from 72.5 square meters to about 225 square meters. The third building, Ashton, will be available starting December of 2021. 148 units are in store for occupancy with 170 parking slots.

Oak Harbor, by far, is the most modern vertical residential tower in the entire industry. From the grounds to the roof deck, everything is a statement of modern living amidst a well arranged Palm promenade. The garden and the open space is well-maintained, the patios are safe and cool breeze of tree-filtered air is free to enjoy 24/7. The entrance gate is fully gated, the entire perimeter is secured with tall perimeter fences. The playgrounds for the children & the parks with all of the gazebos and picnic groves, you can’t contain your awe in the entirety of a clean cozy surroundings. All these are yours to safely enjoy as a resident. The lounge pools are overlooking the sea, a soothing view of the vast ocean waters; the colonnade and the open lounge where you can spend hours watching the calmness of the sea till sunset is an experience you don’t get in any ordinary residential area in the metropolis. Our game rooms, sky suites and sky gardens are but few of the things that adds to the pride of the one and the only in the city, the Oak Harbor Residences. Common areas are CCTV monitored 24/7.

Oak Harbor is indeed a prime location because it is strategically located in a place where one can easily reach the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Further, you will have the easiest access to SM Mall of Asia and the MOA Arena, Hyatt’s City of Dreams Theatre and hotels like Solaire Resort & Casino the famous Resorts World Manila. In about 10 minutes or a little less, the Paranaque Community Hospital can also be reached for emergencies. There are also available academic institutions located nearby which you might want to consider for your children:  St. Andrews School, Singapore School of Manila, St. Paul College and The King’s School. The Central Fire Station is located 5 minutes away from Oak Harbor grounds.

To ensure that everyone enjoys the fresh air all day long, all units were designed to have its own balcony. Each residential unit is equally fully air-conditioned with full intercom system for an easier communication. Each unit has a multi-level heating, fire alarm and automatic sprinkler systems. These are the available provisions for the following: cable ready with fiber optic technology, phone line ready and you can also request for a metered utility to be installed anytime. Added to our top of the line amenities include: Fitness gym, Audio-visual rooms, meeting rooms. There are available convenience stores, water refilling stations and laundry stations.

And who would need to go out at night if few steps from your residence is a world class KTV bar and other fine dining restaurants for your convenience? Yes, within the comfort of the same building where your residence is, you can enjoy fine dining or spend a night without going too far. Right within the tower building, you can have your business meetings done in a day.

The beauty of Oak Residences does not lie from the impressive well maintained grounds on the outside, it comes naturally from within its built. Let’s take a look at how each Oak residential unit is built: seamless tiled flooring, all countertops are granite made, each kitchen has a built-in range hood. To make you fell more comfort and to enhance your resort life, each bedroom has wood laminated floorings with built-in dressers. The toilet and bathrooms have shower enclosures. For the balcony, each is built from tempered glass railings, seamless homogenous tiled planks, with proximity access and heater system. Hey, the entire tower is 100% power backed-up.

This high end residential tower is best for expats who wants easy access to nearest business centers, for Filipino-Chinese or Chinese businessmen who loves a view by the sea, CEOs and other investors who want to put in their money in condominium rental services. Middle income executives who are about to start a family is most welcome here. We will be very proud to make sure that you and your family are safe and kept healthy within the bounds of Oak Residences. This is not just a promise, providing affordable world-class residential condominiums is our forte and a DMCI legacy.


Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Buy Oak Harbor Residences

Are you scouting for an affluent home to purchase near the Manila Bay area in Paranaque? If you are, the Oak Harbor Residences is the right place for you. The units at the Oak Harbor Residences are fit for high-end living, where a number of homebuyers don’t haggle on the price, provided that the place is luxurious and world-class. Units at the Oak Harbor Residences are these types of homes. For you to know more about this top-notch condo; here are the Top 7 reasons why you should buy units at the Oak Harbor Residences

#1 – The units are more spacious

The unit area ranges from 72.5 square meters to 225 square meters. These areas are definitely larger than the area unit of other condos. This wider area provides additional space for growing families, or for residents. Because of this, the unit is more expensive, costing from Php 9.6 million to Php 31 million. Thus, the unit is ideal for overseas workers, business entrepreneurs and middle income individuals. Obviously, those with less income can avail of this unit too, but proper budgeting must be prepared so that payment dues won’t be missed.

#2 – The amenities are outstanding

Oak Harbor Residences can be likened to a 5-star resort hotel, complete with all the deluxe amenities, well-appointed recreational areas, and superb services.

Indoor amenities (general) include:

  • Game room/entertainment room
  • KTV bar
  • Function rooms
  • Independent bar
  • View deck (in units and in general)
  • Lobby for multi-purposes

Outdoor amenities include:

  • Safe swimming pools, each for kids and adults
  • Manicured gardens for leisurely walks
  • Open Parks for various purposes
  • Secure biking paths
  • Secure playgrounds for kids
  • Good jogging paths for health-conscious people
  • Wide courts for ball games
  • Promenade for calming strolls
  • Beautiful sky lounge for rest and relaxation
  • Wonderful sky park where you can socialize with other unit owners
  • Verdant and lush atrium

#3 – The compound is secure

Oak Harbor Residences is a secure community, where the safety of each resident is a major concern. The compound is gated with roaming security guards, 24/7.CCTV cameras are installed in key places to discourage burglars or thieves. A well-lighted, electrified perimeter surrounds the area, ensuring tight security. Don’t worry; residents are safe from the electrified perimeter.There are several fire alarms and sprinklers that are ready in case of fire. In case of these emergencies, a standby electric generator is available. There will be no brownouts to disrupt your daily events.

#4 – Commercial establishments, schools, and important services are accessible

The basic services that you will need, such as reliable water stations, primary stores, mail room, and efficient laundry shops, are provided inside the compound. You don’t have to go outside to look for these services.Aside from these, commercial establishments, schools, hospitals and other important services are just one ride away from the condo. It would be convenient to shop for your daily needs.

#5 – Trusted developer

DMCI Homes is presently developing Oak Harbor Residences. DMCI is a trusted home construction developer that has 60 years of competent service under its name. It’s well-known for developing resort-themed condos; combining the wonder of nature and the elegance of city life. These condos are now growing popular among potential homeowners because of DMCI’s enterprising and remarkable concept.

#6 – The price is reasonable

The prices of the units vary according to the unit’s area. For the 1 Bed Room inner units, with an area of 66 square meters, the total price is Php 9,188,000. The 2 Bed Room inner units, with an area of 72.5 is Php 9,988,000, while the 2 Bed Room inner unit with an area of 85 square meters is Php 10,988,000. The 3 Bed Room end unit, with 152 square meters, costs Php 17,588,000, while the smaller unit, 127 square meters, costs Php 16,088,000. You have to purchase your own parking space for Php 870,000 for single parking and Php 1,479,000 for tandem parking. You can reserve your unit by paying Php 100,000 for the loft type, and Php 50,000 for non-loft type. The reservation for the parking lot is Php 20,000. When you’re certain in purchasing the unit, you would be required to pay 5% on the spot. 25% will be payable within the span of time until your unit is turned over.You can pay the rest (70%) of your balance thru their in-house financing or thru bank financing.If you will be paying the total amount in cash, an 18% discount (more or less) is awarded. That’s a great deal of money. So, remind the agent in case he doesn’t grant you the discount. There are miscellaneous charges on top of the total cost. These can be around 12%. You could ask about these charges before signing any document.There are flexible payment options for those who don’t fall in any of these categories. Certified agents are ready to talk to you, 24/7, about your preferences and payment capability.

#7 – The unit is an excellent investment opportunity

You ought to buy your unit now, if you plan to convert it into an investment opportunity. The earlier you buy - the more profit you gain. Early prices would be cheaper than prices at a later date. You can earn by leasing your unit, or by selling it. Real estate properties will increase in price, ultimately, as the years go by. If you play your cards well, this is an investment opportunity that will turn you into a millionaire. Real estate is big business. It’s a lucrative investment that you have to engage in if you want to double, or triple your money. Buying one or more units at the Oak Harbor Residences would be a smart decision for you, because they’re certain to bring into your pocket a robust ROI (Return of Investments). Another alternative is for you to reside in your unit and basked in the grandiose splendor of your incredible home.

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DMCI Oak Harbor Residences in Manila Bay, Philippines is a premier Condo project available for sale. If you're looking to rent or purchase Oak Harbor Residences, then check here first. We have full details of Oak Harbor Residences updated regularly as well as everything you need to know about the availing and booking process, broken down into stages that includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price. For price list, free site tripping or showroom visit, personalized service, model house, unit plans, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. Always only buy from PRC licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents.

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Oak Harbor Residences Location

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Oak Harbor Residences - Price List

Oak Harbor Residences For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Prices Area(sq.m.) Notes
3 BR End Unit ₱ 16,088,000 127 Lauderdale
3 BR End Unit ₱ 17,588,000 152 Lauderdale
3 BR End Unit ₱ 17,588,000 152 Westport
2 BR Inner Unit ₱ 10,988,000 85 Lauderdale
1 BR Inner Unit ₱ 9,188,000 66 Lauderdale
2 BR Inner Unit ₱ 9,988,000 72.5 Westport
Single Parking ₱ 870,000 13.5
Tandem Parking ₱ 1,479,000 27

Why Invest In  Oak Harbor Residences

Ideal for OFWs

The Oak Harbor Residences is near airports (domestic and international) and other places of interest (such as schools, central business centers, hospitals, shopping and leisure centers, and churches) that are the basic necessities in life for you and the family. This location is ideal for OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) and their families seeking convenience, spacious, clean and secured living within a busy city where space is certainly a luxury in itself. A truly ideal sanctuary for a total serenity!

A great way to maximize profit via leasing

DMCI Homes is a Triple A property builder and its properties have the highest resale value compared to most of its competitors. Investing in Oak Harbor Residences may entail your investment the highest yield in value should you decide to sell the property in the near future. On the other hand, you can lease or rent out your unit to anyone interested should you decide so. This way, you can profit more while you still own the property. DMCI Homes’ choice of strategic locations, affordability, brilliant amenities and facilities, and unique building design for its properties are just some of its magnets for satisfied investors and smart home seekers.

Investment-friendly (easy payment terms)

DMCI Homes is committed to give their loyal clients affordable, heavenly and investment-friendly homes, the Oak Harbor Residences’ units could be payable within easy terms. Quality living need not be a pain in your pocket and a disaster in your savings. DMCI Homes simplified everything for you.

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